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Beeffalo by Hotrocks: Rustic Home Cooking and a Burger Challenge


Beeffalo by Hotrocks has been serving classic family recipes from couple-owners Louie and Girlie Abad since 2013, together with their long-time business partner Caren Diaz.

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Tapenade at Discovery Primea: Unearthing the Flavors of the Mediterranean


The Mediterranean region is one of the most robust culinary hotspots in the world. The poignant cultures enveloping Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Morocco, and Turkey, with traces of Egyptian influence, is fertile ground for an imaginative menu.

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#TheFSCooks: Three Comforting Chicken Recipes, Reimagined


Did you know that “chicken” is the most-searched term on Google Philippines for recipes and food preparation?

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Today, we're going to talk about a dining experience so out of the ordinary that it earned a spot on Forbes Magazine's list of the world's Top 10 Most Unusual Restaurants—DINNER IN THE SKY.

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Mai Wei Fang


Strolling along Ermita’s mall area and craving something filling, delicious and still easy on the pocket? Mai Wei Fang is your best bet for your Chinese fix.

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Comfort Food with a Twist – The ALTA Way


ALTA, a Latin word that means “high” or “noble” is something we, Filipinos, are definitely familiar with. It has been a commonly used adjective that we often associate with something posh and classy.

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Snow Many Reasons to Froozy


“We are not just another bingsu place, bingsu is shaved ice and and then drizzled with flavor; snow is a block of already flavored ice, which is then shaved and gives it more taste,” quoted Filipino-Belgian Edouard George.

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Sang La Tan Tan Men: Tsuta’s Philippine Original Series Ramen


Filipinos love food may be an understatement. Our inherent love for food is manifested through hundreds of delicacies across the Philippine islands.

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Eatigo Amps Up the Dining Scene as it Signs Up Top Brands


Reserving a table at Metro Manila’s hottest restaurants is now a breeze as more big brands sign up with Eatigo, the app that is revolutionizing the dining scene across Asia.

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