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Omi Beef: A “New” Kind of Wagyu

by Roki Ferrer Whenever quality beef comes up in conversation, Kobe and Matsusaka always take the stage. But little do we know that the lesser-known Omi beef is actually the oldest Wagyu beef brand in Japan. Omi originates from the... Continue Reading →

Christmas at Freezer Burn


Something to look forward to this Holiday Season is Freezer Burn's Special Christmas flavors! With 4 exciting flavors to choose from, we are taken on a journey to Santa's wonderland.

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Not Your Usual Grind at Grind Bistro

Grind Bistro, an all-American bistro that serves uniquely prepared premium American kitchen staples, desserts, and drinks, was created by Steven and Cristina Carl as inspired by their interests and lifestyle.

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Celebrate Life, Celebrate Passion at Happy Tables Resto Hub


For owners Oye and Marissa Peralta, Happy Tables is not just a place where people can enjoy great food. It is, more than anything else, an extension of one’s home.

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