by: Reese Rayos

To be perfectly honest, rainy season is not our favorite season of the year (as if there are many seasons to choose from in the Philippines! LOL!). We just hate the gloomy feeling of dark skies, the chances of getting soaked under the rain, and the horrible traffic that it brings in the Metro! But then, on the positive side, it at least gives our water dam its most needed refill and at the same time, gives our thirst quenching trees a chance to survive drought.

Every time it rains, there is actually one thing that gives us comfort — a hot bowl of good, yummy and filling ramen. That is why, ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to tell you that Tokyo Tokyo Philippines has something new for all of us!

For only Php160 ala carte (medium) and Php210 ala carte (large), Tokyo Tokyo takes Ramen to a whole new level with its new Beef and Tomato Ramen!

Combining the flavors of its fresh and flavorful ingredients, their tomato-based Tonkotsu broth with fresh Japanese ramen noodles, shredded cabbage, corn kernels and savory beef strips is something worth trying!


When we tasted it, the first word that we uttered was — “INTERESTING!”. Yes! The broth is something new and refreshing! Somehow, we felt we were eating a bowl of minestrone soup combined with Japanese ramen. Lo and behold! We love it! It is something different! Something unique! The nori at the side makes the whole thing Japanese-y. Try it and experience it yourselves! Transform your gloomy rainy weather to a #RamenWeather by going to any Tokyo Tokyo branches!

Watch our IG Tv video and see how #thefoodiestation correspondents Rica Garcia (@RicaGGG) and Reese Rayos (@iamreesy) enjoyed Tokyo Tokyo’s Beef and Tomato Ramen!

Oh and guess what! They have delivery services too! Just dial #TOKYO (#86596)! Click here for more details!  #TakeMeToDelicious #TakeMeToTokyoTokyo


Instagram: @tokyotokyophilippines

Facebook: Tokyo Tokyo Philippines

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