by: Carme Dela Cruz and Reese Rayos

Poblacion, Makati is hitting the current deluge of new dining and drinking spots in the Metro where it hastily grown to become a foodie’s go-to place, what with all the restaurants and bars sprouting in all corners left and right. 

Concepto Cafe is a hidden modernised ancestral house converted restaurant located along the quiet street of Manalac in Poblacion, Makati. Serving Filipinos favorite home cooked dish plus a little twist on top the impeccable traditional menu. A hybrid between a restaurant and a meat place, Concepto was born out of Migz Del Gallego, Mikey Presa, Anna Villanueva, Con Mendoza and Thina Mendoza’s love for both excellent food and good drinks. 


Concepto’s logo of a letter C above an open triangle means Concept in the House. Amidst the hustle and bustle streets of Makati, this mid-loft place is warm and cozy designed as a homey hang-out place simply decorated with log frame walls, high iron-wick stool, leather couches and wooden square tables. But amongst the rejuvenated interior, the graffiti on Concepto’s wall fascinated our eyes with the millennial art of expression. 

At one corner, there are three doors of fridge, stocked with your favourite delectable meat, you can choose and take home their mostly imported prime cuts such as USDA Rib Eye, Porterhouse, Sirloin, Tenderloin and T-bone. You can also ask the kitchen to cook it for you depending on your choice of doness. Awesome right?! It is like a “Dampa” style only at Php100 cooking charge. This comes with choices of sauces and sides.


On the mid loft side of the restaurant, live bands will surely add up your night as you simmer down over your favorite liquor and steak. You can also sing your favorite medley to their open Mic sessions every Thursday. Adding up to your excitement, they have a quiz night every Tuesday where the winner gets a free bottle. 

The Foodie Station was invited for a night of food tasting serving their contemporary menu which modifies our favourite Filipino platter. 

To start with, we tried Mikey’s Chili. This 8-hour simmered ground beef topped with sour cream, cheese, and cilantro tasted so incredible that it didn’t take a long time for us to finish this whole platter of fried pita. We practically scraped the bowl of beef toppings. It is that good!


This easy-to-finish plate of crispy potato strings reminded us of Picnic snack. We literally picked a handful of these and popped it in our mouth like there is no tomorrow! This is a totally one hell of an appetizer.


We enjoyed munching on these sweet yet savoury Poppin’ Chicken Poppers as well. These breaded chicken breast drenched in Asian barbecue sauce and barbecue powder are so addicting. Good thing we were able to control ourselves and prevented ourselves from ordering rice. It is served together with aioli dip which elevated each bite of these poppers.


Each forkful of their Aligue Pasta made us forget that there were other people eating with us at our table. The pasta are firm to the bite. The sauce is so flavorful as it has the pronounced taste of the aligue that we all love. This is something that we will definitely order again.


The star of our night. Their bone marrow sisig. We were told to use the fork to poke the bone marrow out of the bone. Afterwards, we were asked to tap the bone and we witnessed how the marrow slid out. We were literally drooling during the course of the theatrics. When we finally tasted it, it didn’t disappoint! The sisig was so yummy and totally worth the wait! It is already savory and there is no need to add on anything on it.

IMG-1591 (1)

Homey Restos like this shall need a signature-killer dessert. Their Floating Island Dessert is the bomb. We’ve never tasted the mouth watering caramel-ube on top of our favourite brazo de mercedes before.


Overall, the moment you enter the place, you can feel the comfy atmosphere and service. You won’t go wrong with ordering the best steaks, their signature sweetened liempo and their special bone marrow sisig. It will the perfect place to start the night with dinner and end the night with their wide selection of alcoholic beverages. 

Listen to the the music of Thyro and Yumi, Kiko Salazar, Miro Valera (of Stonefree), Kat Agarrado (of Sinosikat?), Hans Dimayuga, Jem Cubil, Ramonne, Inky de Dios and more. They also have open mic nights every Thursday. They also have Djs on the house with regulars JJ Saur, Marxx Monterola, Supmerman, Daxx, DJ Zelle Abella and and San Francisco DJ Steelo. Wait! There is more! They have quiz nights every Tuesday with the winner getting a bottle free. So visit them and tag the whole fam along and enjoy Concepto!  



6234 Mañalac Street, Poblacion, Makati

02-745-9343, 02-689-1656

5:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. (Monday to Friday) ; 5:00 p.m. – 3:00 a.m. (Saturday to Sunday)