by Carme Dela Cruz and Reese Rayos

Gayuma. (n. love charm)

Love potion.

In Makati’s night life district comes a unique and cozy spot with a mystical atmosphere. Gayuma, a restaurant located at the ground floor of Azotea Suites in Poblacion Makati, themes around the idea of sorcery and magical mood.



2018_1005_22253400 (1).jpg

The Foodie Station team was invited for its grand opening launch and the moment we stepped inside the restaurant, the mysterious and magical ambiance already embraced us. Kudos to the organizers for bringing in Mr. Rob Rubin as he indeed added to the magical vibe of the restaurant. To be honest, he really did startle us the moment he laid his tarot cards on the table and shared to us our possible fate. He is the founder of Mysterium Philippines and the author of Defensive Occultism. Rob has been featured in several media outlets.


We had one of their special concoction – Gayuma. It is a mixture of house blend vodka, grenadine and punch. The way they incorporated the dry ice cubes in the drink really elevated the drink to make you feel like you are drinking a real love potion in this one big gauntlet. Who knows? You might find love in this restaurant.


We just can’t start the night without getting their appetizers. Guess what we ordered first? Chicharon bulaklak of course! When we saw it in the menu, we immediately asked for it! Who wouldn’t love chicharon bulaklak? This is definitely one of Gayuma’s must try and best partnered with a cold bottled beer.


We don’t know with you but crispy pata will always be a mandatory order in our group. Our uber hungry friends immediately took their own piece of Patang Sikat’s crispy skin as soon as the waiter placed it on top of our table. Because of that, our attempt to capture the beauty of this deep fried pork knuckle failed but the tasty dish never failed our growling stomach. Extra rice please!


This Smack Me and Cheese maybe out of place in our “putok batok” combos but we don’t care. We love Mac and Cheese and this one smacked the hell out of us.


Another pasta that we truly love was their Agli Oyster Olio pasta. The well cooked shrimp on top visually and tastefully enhanced the dish.


They do bar chow, pizza, sisig, etc. on their menu and we can’t just wait to go back and try them all. We will definitely go back!



So if you want to just hang out, chill and feel a different kind of magic, bring your friends here at Gayuma.


G/F Azotea Suites, Polaris St., Poblacion, Makati

Instagram:  @magicofgayuma
Operating Hours: Open daily from 4:00PM – 2:00AM
Contact Numbers: (0917) 634-2080