by Cha Villaviray and Hazel Aguilon

2018_0303_12360200Strolling along Ermita’s mall area and craving something filling, delicious and still easy on the pocket? Mai Wei Fang is your best bet for your Chinese fix. Don’t get intimidated by its name, as this resto actually offers casual dining proven by its mall location and inviting ambiance. Literally meaning wheat mill room, Mai Wei Fang, focuses more on wheat flour products from Northern China.

Who wouldn’t be curious with an open kitchen set up? The way they showcase how their food is made will invite you to take a look and see and taste for yourself what they have to offer. You will actually see how the food is produced right before your eyes, hence the assurance of nothing but freshness and quality. This is made possible by their highly trained chefs who move quite fluidly to make your food.

IMG-20180421-WA0006Talking about food, their menu is something different. Yes, they serve dimsum, chicken, tea and the likes, but not the normal ones you see. True to the meaning of its name, Mai Wei Fang serves a variety of bread products since flour is a staple ingredient. Though their product list may not be as lengthy as others, quality is what they’re most proud of since everything is made from scratch every time you order.

Speaking of menu, theirs comes with a twist! They have ala carte and combos that you can choose from. Their best seller? The Sheng Jian Bao. Doing away with the typical xiao long baos other restaurants serve, their version is 6 pieces of pan-fried pork dumplings with soup inside plus black vinegar sauce and sesame seeds. It’s crunchy on the outside but juicy on the inside. The dip complements its flavorful taste. Warning: be careful when you take a bite as soup may squirt out of your mouth. Yes, it’s that juicy.

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Fried chicken is a staple in any restaurant. One, it’s easy to prepare and eat and it’s loved by many, especially kids. Who can resist a full marinated chicken breast fillet, deep fried with Chinese herbs and spices? You can easily differentiate this with other fast food fried chicken due to its full meat and oozing flavor. You get your money’s worth with the big serving size and the delicious taste with every bite. Add this to a combo for a reasonable amount and we guarantee a sumptuous meal.


Looking for something on the go? Grab a Shao Bing sandwich! It’s flaky flat bread with scrambled egg, a little bit of green onion, pork floss and Chinese doughnut. Despite everything on it, all ingredients are made from scratch thus served fresh. It’s a sandwich that doubles as a dessert.


And speaking of sweets, how about a doughnut in a different shape? You Tiao is their version of Chinese doughnuts. It’s semi-leavened dough deep-fried in the shape of a breadstick. There are 2 choices – plainly fried or dessert type. While many others offer fancy flavored sweets, this doughnut just keeps it simple. Drizzled with sweet milk and crushed peanuts, it’s the perfect way to end your experience at Mai Wei Fang.


Lastly, take a look at their beverage list for a refreshing treat. On their list are Premium Soy Chilled Milk, Premium Chinese Lemon Tea and Premium Wintermelon Chilled Tea, aside from the regular sodas, water and beers.


Their Soy Chilled Milk is also for non-milk lovers as it gives you a different lactose dose. The Chinese Lemon Tea, on the other hand, will give you a real feel of refreshment with its semi-sweet taste. And if you’re a milk tea lover, you might want to try their version of chilled tea. It’s sweet sans the milk tea regularly offered in tea shops. All these will give you that thirst-quenching feeling of satisfaction.


Classy and very authentic as it may sound, Mai Wei Fang is as casual as it gets with affordable yet quality dishes. Mai Wei Fang is located at the Ground Floor Adriatico Wing of Robinson’s Place Ermita. Opens from 10 AM to 9 PM.