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Reserving a table at Metro Manila’s hottest restaurants is now a breeze as more big brands sign up with Eatigo, the app that is revolutionizing the dining scene across Asia.

Top brands that join Eatigo to give diners “a deal of a meal” are Pepper Lunch, Japan’s famous fast-steak restaurant; Barcino, a treasure cove of impeccable Spanish wines and treats; Barrio Fiesta, home of the Best Crispy Pata in town; Dulcinea, most known for their churros, gambas and other Spanish and European dishes; and, Misto, Seda Hotel’s signature buffet restaurant that serves a medley of international flavours.


Beef Pepper Steak from Pepper Lunch

These new brands join a roster of heavyweights in Eatigo’s fast-growing list — Heat of Edsa Shangri-la, where International chefs prepare their signature Asian and continental specialties; Ramen Nagi, which has been hailed in Tokyo for their world-famous ramen; and, Mighty Quinn’s, New York’s award winning slow-cooked barbecue.


Dulcinea’s Famous Churros

Eatigo is free to download, and lets you snap up discounts as much as 50% every day at every partner restaurant. That means once you’ve signed up, you can instantly ogle through a slew of dining places, reserve a table and dig in the dish of your choice without having to dig deeper in your pockets.


Barcino’s Chorizo and Cheese and Platter

Only a few months in, many are already raving about Eatigo! Kyla Paler, 22, a corporate communications expert who also actively blogs about her travels, has been smitten with Eatigo. She enthused: “ Since I downloaded Eatigo, my friends and I have been eating out nonstop! We were so happy to find really good restaurant brands like Pepper Lunch and Barcino. Now, we can do our food trips more frequently without breaking the bank.” Cholo Pascual, 25, a media practitioner, meanwhile, can’t seem to get enough of the app. “My girlfriend and I have been so dependent on Eatigo that we don’t go out now without first going through the app! They’ve got everything from fine dining, to hole-in-the-wall restaus and my discount is not limited to one product only. I think it’s so cool that my discount applies to all my food items! I introduced the app to my colleagues and now, they, too, have the same happy problem of choosing which restaurant to try next. It’s simply amazing!”

So don’t let great dining experiences and hefty food discounts pass you by! Do yourself a favor and join the five million strong (and growing) who have experienced dining through Eatigo!

*Recognized as the leading online reservations platform for restaurants in Asia, Eatigo is now the Number One Food and Drink App- on both IOs and Android Playstore. To know more about Eatigo, the roster of restaurants they have on their list- and the new ones that sign up daily, visit their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/eatigo.ph or download the App now!

About Eatigo
Founded in 2013, eatigo’s mission is to connect empty tables with empty stomachs by offering time-based discounts of up to 50% every day at all of its participating restaurants through its online website and mobile applications. Having seated over 5 million diners at more than 2,000 venues across the region, eatigo is the leading online reservations platform for restaurants in Asia, downloaded by more than 1.5 million users. Backed by TripAdvisor with total up to date funding of US$15.5 million, eatigo is available in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India & Manila and is looking to expand to more countries. Users can choose to dine anywhere, from upscale hotels to popular food chains, and enjoy the same discounts with no strings attached, while restaurants get to fill their empty seats during off-peak hours.

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