Tokyo Tokyo has been one of the country’s favorite Japanese food chains for 3 decades now and obviously, we all know why – high quality Japanese food at affordable prices. Why we love them is, however, a different story. We have witnessed how they consistently introduce an already-well-loved-turned-into-something-new dish into the hearts of every Filipino.


And this Lenten season, depriving ourselves of good food just to stick to our religious traditions is no longer necessary. A welcome and delicious break from the usual menu, Tokyo Tokyo brings us a special Japanese version of every Pinoy household’s lutong bahay grilled boneless bangus drizzled with smoky unagi sauce, sprinkled with garlic bits and onion leeks with vegetable misono and unli rice, for only PhP 175!
*Pair this bento with their signature Red Iced Tea for the complete Tokyo Tokyo experience!

Tokyo Tokyo, as always, has transformed what could have been a simple dish into something unique and unexpected, something that could very well satisfy both our Filipino and Japanese tastebuds. Can we just say that healthy and holy never tasted this good?!?

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