When a renowned family-owned catering company hosts a barbeque on an idyllic weekend, expect nothing less but good ol’ comfort food. With four generations of pioneering restaurateurs, The Plaza Inc. continues to redefine the meaning of catering food in the country.


One might think that after 5 decades, 4 generations, a business would run out of new offerings to keep customers coming back. After 53 years in the food industry, The Plaza Inc. remains commited to customer satisfaction. They have recently launched their new BBQ Catering Menu, with CFO and grill master Tito Ski-Ray Reyes at the helm.


We couldn’t have been more delighted to accept The Kain Tulog Gang’s invitation to join Karla Reyes of The Plaza Inc., and her family and close friends, on a fine sunny afternoon at Wack Wack Golf and Country Club. We were pleasantly welcomed by the scents of different meats grilling, and nearly overwhelmed by the selection of complimentary side dishes. Ah, where to start!

Untitled Untitled


The first of the new items on the BBQ catering menu that caught our eyes (and noses!) was the Smoked Beef Rib. How could you not possibly be attracted to a beautiful rack of ribs? Pair the ribs with mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, rice or slaw, and use your fingers for eating the tender, flavorful meat!


As we couldn’t decide which side dish goes well with ribs, we got all! A clear favorite was Mac & Cheese, a classic comfort food that was love at first bite. Choose from three different cheeses, have them mixed and melted into the al dente macaroni until gooey and creamy, and don’t forget to sprinkle bacon bits. Warning: seriously addicting. 🧀


What’s a grill without burgers? The Mini Cream Cheese Burgers had nicely seared homemade beef patties and TLC (tomato, lettuce and cream cheese). These bad boys may look unassuming, but not at all time size matters – taste over size, people!


Some of us would say we aren’t big fish eaters. Wait ‘til you’ve tried the Grilled Salmon cooked on a chunk of cedar wood, with lemon zest and honey. Melt-in-your-mouth, and on your hips, heaven!


Grilled wieners are cookout staples. A little tip for your next house party: grill some kielbasa, slice ‘em up, and throw in some asparagus, onions and peppers. Fancy, eh?


Ham may be the star of noche buena for some Filipino families, but is not solely for the holidays. The Plaza’s gorgeous leg of ham has been smoked, boiled, baked, and glazed to perfection.


After gorging on all the savory grilled meat, we were excited to try everything that was on the dessert table. What had us hooked was the Cream Cheese S’mores Brownie. Fudgy and chewy brownie with a layer of cream cheese, topped with toasted marshmallows. Dear heavens! It was so darn good with FIC Mantecado frozen custard.

Untitled Untitled


Did we mention there was also alcohol? We downed Margarita slushies from Swizzle Mobile Bar like water!


We were lulled into a most welcome food coma after all the mouthwatering treats. Taste the difference four generations of restaurateurs make and book The Plaza for your next milestone celebration.


The Plaza Inc
Contact No: +6327290001-03; +639177182200
Email: info@theplazacatering.com
Instagram: @theplazainc

Swizzle Mobile Bar
Contact No: +639257949953
Email: info@swizzlemobilebar.com
Instagram: @swizzlemobilebar

-Mia Aguila and Cindy So (The Foodie Station Correspondents)

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