On the night of September 7th, we were privileged to be invited to #Sarsa2.0 to witness the introduction of Chef JP Anglo’s latest creations! Yes, Sarsa Kitchen+Bar has reinvented Filipino street food to another level.

Let’s finish the 11 new twists on street food ala Chef Jayps before you start drooling and groping for a can of beer or a bowl of rice!

Kansi Rice Noodles
A personal fave, this one! We love the Pad Thai feel because of the noodles used, combined with a vision of an authentic piping hot kansi bulalo! Couldn’t help closing our eyes with every mouthful! Insert white rice here.



The Isaw Trio
The pork, beef and spicy chicken isaw with Sarsa’s special inasal marinade wow us for their hefty serving and bold taste. Grabbing that bottle of beer now.



Atay + Tsokolate Sauce
This liver barbecue is coated with chocolate sauce that makes fans out of once “non-believers” of street food.



Sinigang Fried Chicken Wings
Sarsa 2.0 brings to life this fried chicken style with its signature bell pepper gata (coconut milk) sauce. More rice please!



Gata and Spicy Inasal Pa-a
True to its roots, this Negrense original brings us closer to the Negros Island region without leaving Manila. Namit!

Untitled Untitled



Sizzling Monggo
A comfort food through and through. This can stand alone and steal the spotlight being topped with crispy kangkong, toasted garlic and lechon kawali!



Coconut Grilled Liempo
Served with spicy vinegar and coconut gravy, Sarsa put a twist to this rather commoner of a viand using burnt coconut meat as one of its marinade ingredients.



Crispy Fish Fillet
The light peanut sauce gives it an Indonesian appeal but this time not skewered.



Do we hear stomachs rumbling? Start the week with a lunch meeting at the nearest Sarsa Kitchen+Bar near you:

– Rada St. Legaspi Village Makati
– SM Megamall
– Mall of Asia
– The Forum BGC
– UP Town Center
– Rockwell

We guarantee you going back next week, and the next and the next.

-Cynch Cervantes (The Foodie Station Correspondent)

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