Red Iced Tea

When we think of Tokyo Tokyo, we automatically think of their famous Red Iced Tea.. and the unlimited heaps of rice that perfectly make their meals more satisfying. Now more than ever, we have additional reasons to look forward to Tokyo Tokyo.

The newest addition to their beef bowl series is something not to be under estimated – the Beef Gyudon, tender and tasty beef strips with scrambled eggs, served in a generous bowl of sweet and savory rice topped with onion leeks and thinly shredded pickled red raddish.


Beef Bowl Series

Every spoonful (or chopstick full) of the new rice bowl literally makes our stomachs flutter with excitement, not only because the perfect combination of flavorful beef and sweet soy sauce tastes like a match made in heaven, but because it is exceedingly too good to be priced at only P145.

Admittedly, the rice itself can be chowed down even without the meat. Why? Because the flavor of the beef seeps all the way down to the rice that it would be difficult to tell them apart. And this makes the meal even more worthy of every centavo. In short, the point that we just really want to get across is that we love Tokyo Tokyo’s Beef Gyudon and honest to goodness, it is plain delicious. And no, we are not biased.


Everything about this beef bowl, we practically love. From the juicy, sweet, and tender beef, to the unique taste of scrambled eggs, up to the generous serving of flavorful rice… one can never go wrong with the newest beef bowl creation Tokyo Tokyo should definitely be proud of. Yet again, we have discovered another reason to keep coming back to Tokyo Tokyo.


*We also equally love their Beef Pepper Donburi (peppery beef with a mound of Japanese sweet corn) and Beef Sriracha Donburi (yummy spicy beef with crunchy onion rings and sriracha flavored rice).


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