Yup! Like riding a wave on a surf board, that’s what we felt after an engrossing 3-hour tasting and coffee demonstration at Stockwell Café–A lingering moment of awe and amazement of the vibrant, almost unexpected wonder elicited by the holistic food experience.

Don’t let these fancy equipment intimidate you. There is a perfect cup of coffee waiting for everyone.

This charming and cozy place at the ground floor of the Cocoon Hotel in Quezon City conforms to fit your lifestyle needs and definitely gratifies the hunger pangs. Obviously, it is your neighborhood off-center coffee shop for those coffee dates or study sessions alone or with the barkada. The exhaustive menu of appetizers, sandwiches, pasta, rice meals, and desserts make it a great food stop any time of the day. And surprisingly, it is also a lounge that serves imported, top shelf alcohol and spirits all day long! Wine to go with your steak perhaps? Or a shot of whiskey on your cuppa?

Well-stocked bar of premium wines, beer, and liquor

As explained by the young owner Sherwin Choy, who graduated from Enderun Colleges, third wave coffee aims to source and produce the best coffee using artisanal processes unlike more commoditized coffee shops which serves sugar-laden concoctions on the fly. It all starts with six high-quality single origin beans sourced to their standards by a private supplier. Customers can pick from 3 beans imported from Brazil, Colombia, or Guatemala, and 3 local beans from Matutum, Benguet, and Kapatagan.

Source is the key to great coffee. Pick from imported or local single-origin beans carefully selected for Stockwell.

Stockwell’s trained and learned staff takes the time to pull proper shots for their hot and iced drinks but even more fascinating are the 6 alternative brewing methods that bring out the right coffee aroma, notes, flavor, body, and acidity suited for every customer. One can choose from Cold Drip, V60, Flat Bottom, AeroPress, Syphon, and Cold Brew. Save for the last one which is prepared ahead, the coffee masters will be more than willing to demonstrate each alternative method upon order and inform customers of the resulting brew (and so you can also take that snap or boomerang for uploading!)

Untitled Untitled

Sherwin invested in different brewing equipment and extensive training for his staff to provide an extensive range of experiences for their customers.

Those 6 beans and 6 alternative methods alone can already give 36 different coffee experiences, and we are sure it will be difficult for you to choose a favorite after that. The AeroPress has our bias because some of us own this at our homes and we have grown fond of the smooth but bold taste it produces with dark roasted beans.
However, there is only a handful of customers who would take the initiative to ask and understand the variances on methods, equipment, and produce, shares Sherwin. But their team is equipped to educate their patrons to slowly but surely advance this third wave coffee movement in the metro.

The newest coffee concoction Stockwell 20/17 is intriguing enough as it is composed of 20% and 17% of two “secret” ingredients. The rest is made up of premium quality coffee and luscious milk. Get it over ice (PHP 160) or hot (PHP 150).

Already stoked?
Hold on to your board because we haven’t even talked about the food yet! Stockwell serves some delicious and beautifully prepared (and plated) dishes that won’t bust your budget. Here are some of our top picks to satisfy and tame those hungry bellies for practically any time of the day.
BREAKFAST: Nothing beats a good Filipino brekky. Must be the addicting sweet, salty, and tangy combination that just brightens up your day. And a bright day is what this plate of Special Chicken Longganisa (PHP 220) brings! Wonderfully caramelized without being burnt to bitterness, this plate of plump chicken sausages brings a familiar homey taste kids and adults will love. Definitely a healthier alternative to pork longganisa, served with sautéed veg and should pair well with Hot Long Black (PHP 110).

Wake up to Stockwell’s Special Chicken Longganisa

LUNCH: Of their selection, our favorite has to be the Chicken Cordon Bleu (PHP 220). Melted cheese and ham inside a fried chicken roll topped with a buttery creams sauce is all it takes for a convincing and scrumptious lunch plate. Chicken remains to be juicy and succulent with a crisp breaded exterior that just plays with the velvety smooth sauce in every spoonful. Wash it down with their Houseblend Ice Tea (PHP 85) and have a refreshing noon break.

Chicken Cordon Bleu worthy to be awarded a blue ribbon of yummy!

MERIENDA: They have a wide pasta selection that is perfect for a quick afternoon snack. Carbonara, pesto, and Bolognese are available but the standout has to be the Truffle Mushroom Linguine (PHP 250). This dish is loaded with shitake and wood ear mushrooms that is delicately perfumed with earthy truffle oil that just lingers in every bite. A good meatless option for vegetarians too! Stay and lounge at the café while you watch them prepare hot coffee from Mt. Matutum using the V60 filter (PHP 120) on your table.

An oil-based truffle pasta that is light and delicious. You won’t miss the meat on this one.

DINNER: Feeling fancy and romantic? Bring your SO (significant other) during dinner service and spoil yourselves in impeccably seared Rib-eye Steak (PHP 550) and Salmon Fillet in Lemon Butter Sauce (PHP 350) that will give other fine-dining restaurants a run for their money. Both are generously portioned and comes with fresh sautéed vegetables and mashed potatoes, which can be substituted for steamed white rice. Pick from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, or Moscato (PHP 175/glass or PHP 800/bottle) to complete your feast.

Grilled Steak and Salmon for date nights!

LATE NIGHT DRINKS: When you feel like grabbing a few bottles of (imported) beers, Stockwell’s variety of appetizers can also double up as bar chow for when the lights dim and things go a bit more relaxed among friends. Share their Sausage Platter (PHP 230) made of Hungarian, Italian, and German bangers, and the colorful Stockwell Signature Nachos (PHP 210) for pica-pica to accompany good company. Or split up a Clubhouse Sandwich (PHP 225) and their new Sausage Sandwich (PHP 250) for when the midnight munchies kick in. Wouldn’t hurt to also grab a cup of hot Cappuccino (PHP 120) to cap off the evening and make sure you stay awake driving home.

Appetizers and sandwiches that are good to share for an evening of drinks and laughter.

Ride the third wave coffee movement, and enjoy! Indulge and savor a cup of good quality Joe with the meticulous selection and preparation done by the people of Stockwell. Come for the food and stay for the coffee. It is sure to be a unique experience every time!


Stockwell Cafe
61 Sct. Tobias St, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

Operating Hours:
Sundays-Thursdays: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Fridays-Saturdays: 9:00 AM to 12:00 MN
Contact No: +63 927 495 2810
Facebook: stockwellcafe
Instagram: @stockwellcafe

-Roki Ferrer (The Foodie Station Correspondent)