Allow us to reintroduce to everyone’s memory how Lydia’s Lechon has been delivering #everydaylechonhappiness (and a whole lot more at that) for the last 51 years. One of the oldest in the industry, they serve not just lechon but also create special dishes out of the familiar Filipino food we all grew up eating.

One of our favorites, our souls’ comfort food (and pulutan), is the papaitan, a famous Ilocano soup dish made from internal organs of cows or goats. The word “pait” or bitter defines the taste of the soup, a result of the bile extracted from the animal’s liver. Lydia’s Lechon’s papaitan, for us, is the perfect blend of bitter, sour, and spicy, best eaten when hot off the pot.


Then there’s the Paella with mixed fresh seafood and lechon that adds spice to any meal. With every forkful burning the tastebuds, this dish is not for the weak. Note that the Paella rice tastes too seafood-y, and the lechon pieces are perfect to break the seafood taste.

Lydia’s Special Seafood Paella

The Beef Chili is their take on the well-loved kaldereta, with a hint of spice that kicks in when you let the sauce linger for a time. The meat’s tenderness was ok, not falling apart tender. We love how the sweet and spicy sauce goes well with rice. We could easily overload on carbs (rice with the yummy sauce) and protein with this dish.

Beef Chili

The pinakbet, a mix of vegetables sauteed in bagoong sauce topped with crispy chicharon bits, is one of the oldest Filipino dishes we have been exposed to. Lydia’s Lechon’s rendition of this medley is a burst of flavors (bitter taste of ampalaya, sweetness of the pumpkin, and crispy texture of beans) delivered by the different vegetables coming into one unique taste that although remains inexplicable is just as addicting and delicious.


Their lechon needs no sauce (yes, just like other brands) but unlike the others, theirs retain the natural taste, without the unnecessary seasonings, spices, and added salt. And the skin… crispy bits of heaven!!!


Other than food, Lydia’s Lechon has come up with their original sauces and seasonings built around the Filipino taste, permitting customers to take a piece of Lydia’s Lechon right into their homes.


You see, Lydia’s Lechon may have been around longer than we have lived our lives, but they surely know how to keep up with the times. With their newly renovated branch in Pasig, Lydia’s Lechon aims to strengthen their ties with the modern food lovers as they continue to promote #everdaylechonhappiness to every Filipino.


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