What was once labelled as “off limits” to us kids has just presented us with more acceptable reasons to entertain its existence. No longer limited to the drive-in hotel services it was originally known for, Victoria Court has a lot to offer, now more than ever. Famous for hosting themed celebrations and events, bachelorette and stag parties, as well as conferences and video shoots, VC continuously strives to expand its reach. And with its newly reinvented MENU, VC has yet again upped its game against its toughest competitor – itself. Waste no time and book your events now at Victoria Court to experience #TheNewVCMenu for yourselves!

The Legendary Crispy Pata
The name says it all. Legendary! Considered as one of the best in Manila, guests always look forward to this classic recipe.

Classic and Spicy Chicken Platter
Perfect for any occasion, VC’s Fried Chicken has made a name for itself. The classic fried chicken is juicy not just on the outer layer but all the way down to the bones. The spicy version, while throwing in more buzz to the taste buds, maintains the classic fried chicken taste that even those who do not handle spicy well still enjoy.


Pinakbet Con Lechon
The traditional pinakbet we all love, served with generous portions of lechon. The balance between pork and a mix of our favourite vegetables in shrimp paste allows us to feast on lechon, without the guilt.

Cajun Fish With Tropical Salsa
The fish, rich with all the cajun spices is given a fresh, tangy contrast by the tropical salsa served on the side.

Breakfast in Bed Pizza
Breakfast in Bed adapts the Margherita pizza recipe but gives it a whole new meaning by adorning the pizza with a perfect sunny side up. The best part? The crust! Toasted and crunchy, perfectly baked!

Pasta Egg-splosion
The flavour of red eggs, bite after bite, explodes in your mouth. It gives the usual, creamy pasta a welcome twist by allowing a pleasant, salty taste to kick in.

Naughty and Nice Pasta
Chocolate and bacon in one dish. Throw them both in a bowl of pasta with a sprinkle of chili powder and you will have for yourself VC’s Naughty and Nice Pasta. The chocolate sauce delivers a unique, heavy taste and the bacon brings in the balance with its crisp texture and hint of salt. The chili powder blends well with the ingredients and gives us just a bit of a spicy tang with every bite.

Pineapple Basil Smoothie
Sooo refreshingly good that one glass is not enough. Sip after sip, the pineapple and basil, fruity and herby combination grows on you. Enough said.

Green Tea Pannacota/Coffee Pannacota
White chocolate lovers will enjoy the Green Tea Pannacota noting that the dessert is leaning towards a milky, pastillas flavour while the Coffee Pannacota is best for heavy coffee drinkers as the coffee essence is strong in this one.


Victoria Court
Facebook: VictoriaCourtPH
Instagram: @VictoriaCourtVC
Website: www.victoriacourt.biz


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