Butcher’s Kitchen has been around for just a little over a year, but we could and we definitely will brand the restaurant as one of Marikina’s best kept secrets. Carlo and Kristine Bayaban started out as a couple who simply enjoyed cooking good food for friends, friends who later on convinced them that setting up their own restaurant may be something worth considering. It was a brilliant suggestion after all because now, the brainchild of Carlo and Tin, and their other partner, Franz Lim, is gaining more and more recognition from foodies around Metro Manila.

The hardworking and admirable couple’s wide range of culinary experiences has taken them to where they are now. Both were former seafarers onboard separate ships, stationed in the kitchen as chefs, and Carlo as a butcher as well. A Certified Culinarian at American Culinary Federation, Tin is now a stay home mother and the main woman at Butcher’s Kitchen. Carlo, on the other hand, still handles a day job at Sofitel Manila as the Chief Butcher. Franz Lim, aside from managing his own hardware business, is the official photographer of Butcher’s Kitchen.

The place, though very unassuming, has a contemporary feel to it, and the warmth of the owners gives it a very personal vibe.

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If there’s one thing we want to get across to everyone, it is this — their entire menu offers great value for money, affordable yet high quality, top-notch food. How? They boast of knowing their meat, the best cuts, and the right herbs and spices to go with it. They don’t use artificial flavouring, making their food authentic as what real food should really be. Everything is made out of pure love. Impressive, right? Don’t be impressed just yet. Scroll down to experience their wonderful world for yourself.


Cheese Quesadillas Php135
Cheese on cheese is how we would describe their cheese quesadillas. Cheesy on the inside, even cheesier on the outside, and then there’s that extra pesto kick to it! What a treat!

Nachos Overload Php185
Just by looking at it, who wouldn’t get fully loaded? Topped with the works — ground beef, cheese, tomatoes, salsa.. to name a few — this nachos overload is sure to fill you up. Just don’t forget to grab it while it’s hot.

Chicken Wings 6Pcs/12Pcs (Php179/359)
One of the best sellers, Butcher’s Kitchen’s crispy chicken wings are deep fried to perfection and just lightly seasoned to make everyone taste what real chicken wings is all about, no unwanted artificial flavouring! We can’t help but be reminded of our favorite homemade fried chicken we all enjoyed eating as kids.

BK Burger with Fries Php195
Homemade burger patty made from 100% beef with potato fries on the side. Freshness guaranteed because Butcher’s Kitchen uses only the freshest ingredients and prime, high-grade meat!


Ribeye Steak 8oz for Php695
USDA certified beef, seasoned with your choice of BK’s homemade spice rub — Original, Tuscan, Smoked, or Jamaican Jolt. So mouth-watering, the steak, however done, will surely have you ooohhing and aaahhing up to the last bite. What’s special about Butcher’s Kitchen is that almost everything they serve is homemade! They create their own rubs and sauces from scratch, with love 😍.
*Served with French beans, their famous chimichuri sauce, and rice. Add Php50 to upgrade to mashed potatoes.

Grilled Norwegian Salmon Php395
Seasoned with BK’s special Tuscan Rub and served with French beans, their famous Chimichuri sauce, and rice, this one’s sure to knock you over. Expect the delightful goodness of the salmon to simply melt in your mouth.
*Add Php50 to upgrade to their homemade mashed potatoes.

Brazilian BBQ Pork Ribs Php285
Marinated in BK’s own smoked rub and smothered in their homemade bbq sauce, the pork ribs is an obvious hit. Cooked with all these special homemade sauces, you know that theirs has a distinct bbq taste you couldn’t find elsewhere.
*Served with French beans and rice. Add Php50 to upgrade to mashed potatoes.

Australian Lamb Chops 1Pc/2Pcs (Php290/580)
Marinated in their secret spice with lots of garlic and herbs and complimented with a shot of chimichuri sauce, a masterpiece has been created. So tender and succulent, the earthy flavor gives us the sensation of eating a mix of beef and bone marrow without the gamey aftertaste! Labelled as BK’s signature dish and bestseller, no wonder people keep coming back for this one.
*Served with rice and grilled tomato on the side. Add Php50 to upgrade to mashed potatoes.


Coffee Float 450 ml for Php95
Black coffee with scoops of ice cream, drizzled with caramel sauce on top. We love coffee and we love ice cream, so no better way to enjoy both but to indulge in BK’s refreshingly sweet coffee float!

Banana Wontons Ala Mode Php120
Deep fried banana wontons topped with scoops of ice cream and garnished with caramel sauce. BK’s version of the well-loved turon, our all time favorite afternoon merienda!!! Paired with vanilla ice cream, we couldn’t ask for more. We have fallen in love.

Praline Butter Ice Cream Sampler Php149
You have to taste for yourself to believe that Butcher’s Kitchen’s Praline Butter Ice Cream tastes as delicious as it looks. The 3 flavors of praline butter give the dessert a unique twist. Matcha for the green tea lovers, Chili for those who love spicy food, and the Original for peanut butter fanatics! Nothing but love love love for this place!

We had such an amazing time with owners Carlo and Tin and with fellow bloggers, Whattoeat and Marikeno Ako! Great food, great company. We will definitely keep coming back for more.

Behind the scenes photos HERE!


Butcher’s Kitchen
372 Gen Ordonez Street near F. Balagtas, Parang, Marikina City

Mobile No: 0923 8489347
Store Hours:
Mondays: Closed
Tuesdays-Fridays: 3:00pm-10:00pm
Saturdays-Sundays: 11:00am-10:00pm

Facebook: butcherskitchenph
Instagram: @butcherskitchenmarikina

*Prices are based on BK’s Menu as of October 04, 2016.