We had the honor of being treated by Mr Olive Treat himself, Marco Olives, to his bestsellers – the Slow Roasted Pork Belly, Birthday Spaghetti, and the newly created Sisig ni Olives. Of course, we were thrilled and very excited to try his heirloom recipes, knowing that everything was prepared and cooked from the heart. As they say, the way to a man’s (in our case, women’s) heart is through his stomach. And we totally agree! Our hearts (and stomachs) were captivated!

We give you our top five reasons why you should choose The Olive Treat for your next foodscapade:

1. Skin, skin, skin!


After much thought and hours of taking endless photos of the lechon, we finally succumbed. To our surprise, the skin was still very crispy. Fresh-out-of-the-oven crispy!


2. The flavor, seasoning, and spices!


The slow roasted pork belly showed off its meat in all its glory.. flavorful, juicy, tender, mouth-watering meat! The blend of garlic and lemon grass enhanced the taste of the meat without overpowering its natural flavour, although we felt that the porchetta was too garlicky in some parts. Overall, the experience was oozing with goodness, every bite intensified as the pork’s juice mixed with the specially handpicked seasoning and spices.


3. Spaghetti that comforts the soul.


Aside from their famous roasted pork belly, which did not disappoint, another Olive Treat special that left us satisfyingly full was their classic Pinoy style Spaghetti. Think of it as your favorite childhood spaghetti, only this time with a richer and creamier base, topped with a generous serving of cheese that melts in your mouth. Olive Treat might have just given comfort food a new name – the Birthday Spaghetti.


4. A special kind of sisig.


Best eaten when freshly cooked, this is not the crunchy sizzling sisig that most of us are accustomed to. More chewy than crispy, but so savoury (perfectly spicy and salty) that we are still practically at a loss for words. We know we shouldn’t, but if given a chance, we can eat Olive Treat’s Sisig over and over again.


5. Star of the show 😉


Stuck in a meeting? No time for a meal break? No problemo! We can always count on The Olive Treat’s quality eats and prompt delivery. You’ll have your perfectly prepared team lunch in no time!


For orders, The Olive Treat may be reached directly at +639178162726. Or DM Marco through their IG page.



Behind the scenes photos HERE!

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